Acquisition Announcement: sold and acquired by Crypto Bookkeeping firm.

Bazista (BZS) Token was released in late 2017/ early 2018 by a russian company.  The basic ideas was to create a digital marketplace where users could buy and sell goods directly from each other and payments could be made exclusively in BZS token.   Think Ebay but you can only pay in the platforms BZS token.   Here is the way they described it at the

The Tokenomics at the ICO were the following:

Total number of generated BZS tokens: 440 000 000

· 73% of tokens (321 200 000) will be sold in the ICO to secure funds for further product development, operations and international expansion.

· 15% of tokens (66 000 000) will be held by project founders and the rest of the team that helped to bring the project to life with their hard work and dedication

· 4% of tokens (17 600 000) will be reserved for advertising campaign inside the platform.

· 3% of tokens (13 200 000) will be sold in the Pre-ICO

· 3% of tokens (13 200 00) for Advisors

· 2% of tokens (8 800 000) will intended for the initial stocking of the bounty pool

The ICO was hard capped at around 10 million USD raised (in 2017 dollars).     Here are the details on the ICO 

Pre-sales: Nov 01, 2017 – Dec 01, 2017

Public sales: Jan 08, 2018 – Mar 02, 2018

Pre-sale token supply: 13200000

Token supply: 440000000

Soft cap: 1,300,000 USD

Hard cap: 9,550,000 USD 

You can view the whitepaper for the BZS token ICO here

In Q2 2018 they launched the marketplace however both BZS token and the marketplace failed to get enough traction to succeed during the crypto bear markets of 2018/19.     During Q4 of 2018 the team disbanded and the marketplace shut down. 

In summer 2022 the domain name was acquired by a new team of a crypto bookkeeping firm to produce educational content specific to crypto taxes.    We look forward to growing this great name and brand